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Captain Eclaera Saleer by Joshawott Captain Eclaera Saleer by Joshawott
2340 - Born
2343 - Learns of the symbiont, and makes her life goal to become a host.
2346 - Starts school, with average grades.
2356 - Starts high school.
2360 - Graduates as Salutatorian.
2360 - Enters academy majoring Security
2360 - Change of major to Medical
2360 - Change of major to Piloting
2361 - 1st year completed
2362 - 2nd year completed
2363 - 3rd year completed
2364 - Graduates from academy with average grades.
2364 - Assigned job as tester at Starfleet headquarters, conducting flight tests on new shuttles. (Senior chief petty officer)
2365 - Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer
2365 - First ship job assigned as Ensign to the Chariot-class - USS Impervious.
2365 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and took over conn control after the helm retired.
2367 - Promoted to Lieutenant.
2367 - Completed mission.
2367 - Approved for Trill joining, joined with Saleer symbiont.
2368 - Assigned to Federation Starsbase 327 as "Runabout Specialist"
2371 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
2371 - Assigned to Nebula-class - USS Sahara as helmsman.
2371 - Ship severely damaged when a GSE (gravimetric shear explosion) hit. Warp core breached. Eclaera and two other survivors few back alone in an escape pod.
2371 - Mission stated incomplete
2371 - Kept in a Federation Hospital that specializes in mental healthcare after Eclaera's mind is reported unstable.
2372 - Released from care, and began Starfleet career again.
2372 - Offered job at Starfleet Academy as Piloting teacher.
2373 - Becomes head of Piloting at the Academy.
2374 - Promoted to Commander.
2375 - Mentors an Engineer for the Program of Enlisted Excellency. Mentors chief petty officer Torval th'Zarrath.
2376 - Promoted to Captain.
2376 - Torval writes an essay on how slightly modifying the Prometheus-class, it's computer and speed efficiency can be increased. Eclaera mentions it to Starfleet, approved commission.
2379 - Assigned Prometheus-class - USS Artemis.

Eclaera was born on Earth to two respected Trill Starfleet captains, joined father, Darza Dek, and unjoined mother Arixia Kalon. After just learning to talk, and walk, she understood the symbiont lightly, and immediatly showed great interest in the topic. she would ask her father everything there is to know about the symbiont, and he explained to her well. Dek had been through a lot of single hosts, so parenting was relatively new to the hosts. But onward, the relationship between
Age: 41
Sex: Female
Race: Joined TrillDarza and Eclaera impacted the lives of so many future hosts and their children.

At the age of 6, Eclaera entered preschool. Here she learned that she wasn't as smart as her parents lead her to believe. She had only average grades, and hated it. Upon entering elementary school, she challenged herself to exceed in academics. There were some nights she would get in trouble for staying up too late reading or studying. Still, her efforts weren't cutting it. The school understood Eclaera's predicament, and she became honored because of it. It wasn't until high school when her determination hit its peak. She attended all AP classes, received extra credits for completing extra classes, about entered every extra-curricular activity available, and finally sent in an early application to Starfleet academy. No one knows if the name Kalon in the form impacted her approval (her mother now being Rear Admiral) Eclaera graduated high school as Salutatorian, with an assured seat in the Academy.

At age 18, she entered the Academy. She first looked into Starfleet security. She then changed her to medical, THEN to piloting, which really stuck. Her first, and to,this day will tell you, one of her favorite jobs was a flight tester for newly designed shuttles and runabouts. It wasn't until the next year that she was promoted to ensign and placed on the starship Impervious. Being one of the few Chariot-class vessels, Eclaera was delighted to become helmsman after the current one retired. Eclaera had fun discovering new ways to pilot the ship. The designing of the Chariot-class took a new swing in warp field mechanics, and was never truly perfected which is the main reason the Impervious was decommissioned after only a few short years of service. During her time in the Impervious, she was promoted twice, the second time only days before being approved for the joining of the Saleer symbiont.

Without growing up on Trill, Eclaera had small contact with the Symbiosis Commission. Though she was accepted into the early stages of the Joining process, she had to be trained by her father, instead of a certified Guardian. When she was proven fit and adequate for joining, she was shown the Slaeer symbiont and the impact it had on the lives of its previous hosts. Most people mistake the first host of the symbiont to create its personality, when that's not the case at all. Saleer is a happy-go-lucky symbiont. It has a bubbly personality and never fails to show that in its hosts. Knowing the joy it brought to others' lives, Eclaera joined with the symbiont.

Immediately, there were changes.

First Eclaera couldn't stop smiling. She told everyone she had 6 lifetimes of jokes running through her head, which could be true, but they all knew that Eclaera just loved being joined. She loved retracing the memories of her past hosts, and speaking with old friends she had never known existed. Eclaera had always been one to obsess with her appearance, but Saleer changed that. She opened her life to many new windows, and Eclaera wouldn't trade it for the world.

The next year, she was assigned to Federation Starbase 327, doing her job as Auxiliary Specialist. Her job was to ensure that the shuttles and runabouts of the station were used and treated properly. She went on every unclassified away mission as pilot, and was greatly needed in several instances. Proving excellent behavior, and exceeding aptitude as a Starfleet officer, she was promoted to lieutenant commander the same year she was assigned to the Sahara as helmsman.

On the Nebula-class bridge, Eclaera felt at home. She loved the ship. She loved her job, later becoming first officer to her role model captain, the Vulcan mistress T'Preea. It all seemed to good to be true. And I guess it was.

While aboard the Sahara her ship was destroyed by an unknown anomaly, later named the Gravimetric Shear Explosion. Eclaera assembled the two other survivors, and quickly left in an escape pod. It wasn't until a few more hours that first, a man, died, and the woman was next. They had been injured trying to get to the escape pod, fires, explosions, scraps of bulkheads, and since there was lack of medical supplies, they died of infection and blood loss.

When the pod finally reached Federation Space, she realized Starfleet Command didn't even know about the incident. Eclaera told them everything she could think of, and everything she was thinking. Her mind was severely unstable; survivors guilt, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, she even met with Deanna Troi, but it couldn't be fixed. She was asked to stay at a Starfleet hospital specializing in mental health. There she received individual care everyday, and eventually she was released, the next year.

She assured Starfleet councilors that she was okay, and that we would get over it like anything else she's had to overcome. She hallucinates and dreams often of T'Preea. Mostly when she's stressed or emotional. Her dreams are distorted and full of inconsistencies, most notably T'Preea's uniform and environment. She would be on the Sahara with a uniform that hasn't been created yet. Or the chair she was sitting in wasn't consistent with the other chairs in the room, most notably the Sahara's captain's chair. T'Preea is always there though, insulting Eclaera, blaming her for her death, and several times her hallucination has tried to kill Eclaera, sending her into neuroleptic shock. But never has Eclaera expressed T'Preea's presence. The only people Eclaera trusts with this information is Councilor Mishelle and herself. Eclaera sometimes drives herself crazy, with the Saleer symbiont's thoughts and impulses along with her own and T'Preea's. But Captain Eclaera Saleer of the Federation Starship USS Artemis keeps herself together, and does a pretty damn good job of it.

Eclaera didn't know if it was sympathetic, but, she was offered a job as a Piloting Instructor at the Academy, which she accepted ever so gratefully. It was a different experience, she had never been one to teach, and she had been so used to working on a starship. Surprisingly, all the cadets loved her, and she was voted Teacher of the Year, and given the role as Head of Piloting. She was the first instructor to teach a subject that was under the rank of captain. The next year she was promoted to commander, and became a mentor in the Program for Enlisted Officers Excellency.

The program was made for officers under the rank of Ensign, and for them to have one-on-one mentoring by officers of higher ranks. The next year she was promoted to captain, and she became interested in becoming a captain of a starship, but she never took action. But the officer she mentored, Torval th'Zarrath a Senior Chief Petty Officer engineer, gave her a little push after discussing how a Prometheus-class starship could be modified to be used for a specific mission.

It took some convincing, but Starfleet approved of the mission, and began the building of the refit Prometheus-class Starship, USS Artemis.

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